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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 25, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> greg: hello. i'm greg gutfeld, andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino. her bunny slippers made from live bunnies. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: so michael hastings a reporter for the modern day highlight revealed that journalists who cover president obama's campaign would behave like giddy school girls around the president. here is a clip. >> the presence of obama even on the press corps, even on the people who follow him every day, when they are near him, they lose their mind sometimes. they start behaving in ways that are juvenile and amateurish. they swoon. i first met president obama in 2006, he was a senator.
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he was in baghdad. i was a correspondent. >> you mentioned that. >> of course i got to ask my question. mr. president, the second time i met you. and i asked the hardball question that i asked about the drones? no. i did not. i'm not as liberty to say what i asked about but it was soft. >> greg: horrible. commiserating boasts among the nation's capote. who cares. their guy won. the press wanted to be liked by obama rather than respec respected. what a contrast to how they treated bush. obama is the new stepdad that lets you smoke pot in the garage with him. but this is like groupies on a led zeppelin tour. they will do anything for you. the media admits it became a clown car of bug-eyed bow sews as they prost traited themselves before the prince.
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mocking fnc not bending over and taking it like them. no politician left or right deserves the treatment. aside from advocating the job, you know who the press hurts most? obama himself. without feeling observed or check head does dumb things. no wonder the guy has hubris. he has the media except for fnc telling him he is zeus. we should just try to get over it but hard to when the president admits we were right and they were in on it. the media wonders why we won't jump in hot tub with barack. it's crowded. frankly, i don't want to catch anything from paul krugman. so, a.t. -- that is what i call you, andrea. >> andrea: that's what a lot of people call me. i like it. >> greg: when the press swoons america is in trouble, correct? >> andrea: they are. i thought it was so strange when he admitted who actually admits this when they got the chance, they ask softball questions. he was being honest. the interviewer laughed about
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it. he thought it was hilarious. it's so funny. it's actually not funny. we saw what happened when he fell on the face in the debate, to your point, being untested. the media created a problem. they gave him a god like status. newsweek made him look angelic on the covers. then they believe their own hype. they believe it because they wrote the headlines. so now they are drunk with their own nonsense. >> a self-perpetuating machine. did the press advocate their jobs and should they be impeached? >> bob: no. >> when i have been around obama he is somewhat intimidating, frankly. he is not -- he doesn't like to press. he made that clear. he is quick to get angry over things. another person with the same situation is ronald reagan. ronald reagan got very few hard questions; particularly,
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where iran contra. because the press was intimidated by him. they liked him. this press corp likes obama. it's the personality of the person. if you are in a room with him, you don't want to look like that. >> eric: if you are in a room with him, you get weak kneed. >> andrea: you around o'reilly. >> eric: no. i guess i'm in the room with him i'm not weak kneed. i would love to ask questions. that is what happens when candy crowley bails him out in a debail or schieffer calls the nra nazis and racist and when martin beshear gives a guy that says i had a chance to ask president obama hard questions but i couldn't do it. >> greg: before i get to you, dana, america is waiting for your input. >> dana: i don't know anything about this. >> greg: speaking of the hard questions with ehave a collection of the hardest
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questions we could come acros across. >> what surprised you themo about the office, enchanted you the most about being in the office, humbled you the most and troubled you the most? >> not bad to be friends with george clooney. >> nice guy. >> wonderful guy. cute, too. >> if you had a super power, what would it be? >> the whole flying thing is pretty good. >> thank you, mr. president. congratulations, by the way. one quick followup -- >> wish you were there when i was running for state senate. >> i was. >> we go back a ways. >> i've never seen you lose. >> greg: this has to remind you. you must have a highlight reel of this when you worked with george bush. >> opposite. >> the reporters talk a big game in locker room. i'll ask this. when i was a deputy press secretary i used to be the eyes and the ears for the press secretary. i would be with reporters all the time on press plane and listening to them and hear what they would say.
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one could not stand the way that president bush said, "god bless america." it drove him crazy and he would mock him. he is a major anchor now. you know who you are. >> greg: does it rhyme with brian williams? >> dana: no. >> greg: does it rhyme -- >> dana: no. president bush did like them. he had respect for them. what happened to the reporters in the presence of president obama happened to me once as well. in 2006, i sat across the table from him. we had fun and laughed for hours. then they came to the cabinet room to meet with president bush. i was the last one in the room and i went to stick out my hand and introduce myself. he said oh, no, i remember you, dana perino. that was my favorite night in all of washington. the ice would is i might vote for him, too. >> greg: you are a hypocrite. >> dana: it happens. charisma. >> greg: i had a similar
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experience with the obama impersonator. the impersonator was impressive. we had lunch. what am i talking about? new gallup poll, obama turns out is more polarizing than bush. >> eric: get out! >> greg: hard to believe. average of 86% of democrats and 10% of republicans approve of the job barack obama did as president. 76%-point gap that ties george w. bush's fourth year as the polarized year in gallup record. >> this made me feel good when i read it. i thought, you know what? you can't blame president obama. media gets him a pass. he will take it. that is how he operates. they haven't done their job but you can't fool the electorate. when you ask him what he has done often time the left think people are naive and they pool the wool over their eyes.
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this shows that you can't. they go you know what? not that big o a uniter. >> bob: if you look pew research did poll on the inaugural address. every issue he raised, big majority of the american people agreed with it. this is not one of those things he is so far behind of the american people. the pew -- they took -- >> dana: it's lik we will never be against letting poor people to starve to death and eat cat foot. we agree with that. >> bob: there are other polls out that thought he did a very good job. leaving that aside, if we get closer to parliamentary type of government. both sides went to extreme.
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if you're john boehner and may be more reasonable than the caucus and obama may be more reasonable than the caucus they can't get them to to it for bipartisanship. every year this is more polarized. >> eric: every president in the second term, most moved to the center. ronald reagan and bill clinton and george moving to center. this is going the other way. far left. >> the difference of this one versus a republican. view asked him what his favorite color was. we have video and audiotape of the press lining up the questions they were going to attack him with. i ask this and you ask that. hypocrisy over the way they treat the right and the left.
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>> dana: the truth is they don't think it's obama's fault. they think it started with president bush. >> greg: but a republican would find them as extremist. >> bob: house of representatives are the most polarized of all the caucuses. thank hillary clinton, benghazi, the division and the -- >> andrea: they should talk about the things we talk about here. instead, nbc, cbs and abc ran with headlines about the g.o.p. trying to figure out what to do with the tea party. lost in the wood. quote bobby jindal stop being the stupid party. they cite republicans as the bully, in disarray. never acknowledge issues in the democratic party. >> the stories are accurate.
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if you like them or not. >> andrea: headlinesnode all major news networks. >> greg: michelle got a new hairdo. what story got more play? >> bob: i don't think he moved that far to the left. >> eric: president obama? the inauguration space went as far left as you can go. >> bob: you are citing an inauguration speech? >> you think he will do something different "state of the union"? >> bob: i do. >> andrea: didn't the media ask jay carney six times about beyonce's lipsynching? >> dana: america wants to know. >> andrea: what does it matter to quote hillary clinton. >> greg: whoopi goldberg goes wild over hillary clinton's performance. if you leave now, you will miss something. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back to "the five." hillary clinton's testimony about benghazi got mixed reviews. ladies of "the view" and especially whoopi goldberg loved it. >> hillary clinton had a rough month. concussion, fever. like barbara! >> he was not playing with those senators yesterday when they were talking about benghazi. >> we have four dead americans because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night and decide they would kill americans? what difference does it make? it's our job to prevent it from happening again, senator. >> amen. >> andrea: weird. if a match would have called her a "b" word that rhymes with "witch" especially a republican they would be boycotted or the other things that radio hosts, if they are
5:17 pm
male are, which is ironic. whoopi can get away with it. >> hillary had the stones to say what difference does it make, when you consider while they were locking up this guy, one toffees from benghazi was planning and executing the a tier january attack. that is why it matters. if "the view" got dumber it would be two views. >> andrea: what do you think of that? i think hillary clinton if she heard that, she would say i have been trying to avoid being a "b" word for a long time. the woman is tough to -- >> dana: if whoopi said it about me i'd take it as a compliment. it was meant as a compliment. whoopi is a comedian. has her thing going on, she can say it. if i said it, it would not come across right. >> andrea: they would think you were insulting someone. >> dana: y.
5:18 pm
the question is asking who pushed the video? there is a misleading of people for several days. whether it's intentionm or not is the question. that is the difference it makes. government, did they get it wrong on purpose? maybe they didn't but they let america to believe something happened that was not the cause of why. >> andrea: if there was a lifetime movie about clintons they could call it "what difference does it make?" what difference does it make if you soil the dress of an intern or get $100 million stock deal. anybody who runs against her in 2016 will take the words and cut a political ad. we saw posturing at the hearing with rubio and rapid paul. do you she is running and did it hurt her chances? >> eric: not only do i think she is running i put money saying she was running
5:19 pm
especially what will happen at the end of the week, hillary clinton will appear with president obama on "60 minutes," the first interview he has done on anyone that is not michelle obama. not only is she running, she will use that as her endorsement from president obama. he won't come out and endorse her directly, but if you are on the sideline like us who will he endorse hillary clinton or joe biden it looks like hillary. >> andrea: he said nice things about joe biden. president obama said he was an extraordinary partner. if you're joe biden are you saying i feel left out? he is doing a "60 minutes" interview with her. did they cut a deal? >> bob: first, let me say that dana went out of her way to avoid giving the name toffee that didn't like "god bless america" and it was terry moran. she didn't want to say anything about it at all. i decided for the sake of fairness and protect her -- >> dana: why is that fair? >> eric: that is the
5:20 pm
definition of being beckeled. >> bob: i thought it was important to do it because it was something i thought you held back. >> dana: i was trying to be nice. you made me not nice. >> bob: you were nice. >> dana: i was being niceed and you ruined the point of me being nice. it cannot believe that. >> bob: sorry. the answer is i don't think she is running. this would be the fourth presidential campaign she has been through. nobody has gone through that in their life. and she is just, i think in a position now she has had a tremendous run of secretary of state. she is going on with obama because they think they will try to deal with some of the things on benghazi. i think that she has decided -- bill may want her to run but i think she decided she doesn't want to run. >> andrea: i don't think it hurts her. i talked to a moderate friend of mine who said, i said what do you think of hillary at the hearings? she said the republicans ganged up on her and she
5:21 pm
cried. if you remember, the crying works. take a listen to the video that only we found of hillary clinton on wednesday crying. >> for me this is not just a matter of policy. this is personal. it stood next to president obama as the marines carried the flag-draped caskets off the plane at andrews. >> andrea: it sounds familiar, doesn't it? 2008 maybe? >> this is very personal for me. it's not just political. it's not just public. i see what is happening. we have to reverse it. >> bob: what is wrong with that? she next to caskets getting off an airplane and getting choked up. >> andrea: that is not the point. the point i'm making is this. she cried a couple hours later, she won that new hampshire primary. she has been painted as a victim. it works. if she does run, if she wants
5:22 pm
to, i don't think we are done with hillary clinton. >> bob: the inference is she has done it for political reasons. i don't believe that for a second. >> greg: if she wins the white house bill is back in the white house so break out the plastic covering for furniture. >> andrea: you're right, politicians don't do things for political reasons. whatever. coming up, romance is brewing between mark zuckerberg and new jersey mayor chris chris christie. some democrats aren't happy about it and trying to break up political odd couple. we will tell you what that is all about next on "the five." ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: in the break they brought out the heart defibrillator thing to restart my heart after i got beckeled in the previous block. do you want to explain what you were trying to do? >> bob: i thought you were upset with this guy for doing it and i thought you were going a good thing. then you said in the break how could you have doon? i like the guy a lot. i give speeches with him. one thing he said. i misread it. i thought you thought he was a jerk and you think he is a great guy. now you think i am a jerk. there you go. >> dana: now that is cleared up we'll talk about how intolerant liberals are. get this. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife are going to host a fundraiser in palo alto for new jersey republican governor chris christie. when that news broke the democrats were upset about it as if mark zuckerberg doesn't have a right to have a fundraiser for anyone on the planet, let alone a moderate
5:28 pm
republican from new jersey. so the democratic governor association put a pose on facebook with link to online petition called stop zuck's christie fundraiser! i don't know if anyone in the higher up, andrea, would have seen this idea for the petition. today, the dga pulled it back after i think some embarrassment. zuckerberg can have a fundraiser for anybody he wants. >> andrea: they looked really stupid when i saw this. it's a bigger scene though of liberal intolerance. they love diversity, but not diversity of thought. it's their theme, right? everybody make way. get out of the way of the government. the government is coming through, people. conservatives are different. we don't care when people have different ideas. we don't do silly boy scotts like you saw with chick-fil-a. we don't see republican mayors trying to ban businesses for point of view. universities are the worst. i think they are supposed to be the marketplace of ideas. i spoke at one school, i'm glad i didn't tell bob what that was. he probably doesn't remember
5:29 pm
and can't add it. i won't give them more p.r. i left the school after a speech, they put out a statement, the university apologizing for what i said. they held a seam nar with students -- seminar with students to talk about their hurt feelings like i maybe hurt them. >> ericthem >> bob: get this right. all liberals are like this and all conservatives like to see different point of view. is that true on gay marriage? immigration? true on guns? if anybody is not accepting of somebody else's point of view it's the conservatives. >> dana: it turns out there was a poll that was done about people and their tolerance levels on social media. turns out that a lot of people think they have a diversity point on their facebook or twitter pages. but liberals were more likely to block people who they disagreed with than conservatives were. >> the liberals on my facebook and twitter are pretty intolerant. i mean, you say one wrong thing and they -- >> bob: surprised at that!
5:30 pm
>> eric: the first week of this show. i said there was, there were no terrorist attacks under george bush's watch on american soil. they went ballistic. they said you idiot, 9/11 happened under george bush. i said, i had to come back the next day and say listen your moronic liberal s.o.b.s, i was in 9/11, i was in the building in '93 and 9/11 when the buildings were attacked. i know all about it. i meant since then. the point being liberals are clearly more intolerant than republicans. can we talk about zuckerberg for one second? >> dana: sure. >> eric: zuckerberg pledged $200 million to the state of new jersey if they were to reach certain goals on, for schools. education grants to the state of new jersey. they hit it $200 million from zuckerberg. $200 million comes from a matching grant. why would liberals be so intolerant they don't want more of that? that is something they should want more of. >> bob: the reason they pulled it back is simple. they don't want to get him in trouble because he gives money
5:31 pm
to democrats. >> dana: in the old days they used to call up and yell at him, right? instead of putting a post up. >> bob: we'd put fire in his car. >> dana: do you want to talk about into janet liberals, mark zuckerberg or bobby jindal? >> greg: i want to talk about everything. >> dana: go ahead. >> greg: my theory is the left used to hold an ax over the right's head or their friends on the right. it's called social acceptance. if you want to go to the right parties. especially in new york city or california, if you want to be accepted and avoid ridicule, be like us. it's a form of social bullying. it has been around forever. weird way america accepted it because we see cool trumps character. liberals also are more intolerant because they have a louder megaphone. they have the news media, tv, hollywood, abou academia. all the right has are people like me, hooligans to keep families together, i'm a mouth breather and we don't have the benefit of latte machines at
5:32 pm
home. >> bob: the conservative don't hold over the head of liberals the idea you want gun control, that is the nra's partner in that. gay marriage, you are the worst -- wait. >> greg: you are confusing two things. debate with a refusal to have a debate. i could debate you over gun control and accept your views. the left can't do that, because they think the right is evil. no debate from the left. >> bob: i don't think, this gets back to painting the left. i don't think all the left is intolerant. >> andrea: i don't think we said every liberal. >> eric: you said it all the time. the governors association pushed around a private business owner. this is what we see in government. we have administration run by
5:33 pm
democrats. to tell them what healthcare they should buy. they are bullying the business owners and the private citizens. perfect example of that. it's what liberalism is based on, bob. >> bob: the number of times you said liberal -- >> andrea: okay. >> bob: if you think the nrra is not bullying people on guns. >> eric: this is a discussion about a group. i remember you calling the tea party group. >> greg: this is about how people talk about things. conservative because they're on the defense are interested in debating things like global warming. if we debate global warming you call me a flat earther. i wouldn't call you a name. >> dana: you say climate and weather are unrelated. i am bing to debate. the other side, the left is
5:34 pm
willing to denigrate and make fun of you. >> eric: i will call you, i would call you a wuss. >> bob: okay. >> andrea: you are the king of name calling when people don't agree with you. i don't consider conservatives to be warm and fuzzy like you do. >> greg: how dare you. how about me? the warmest and fuzziest heartst you ever met. do you want to own a mansion and not pay a penny for it? we tell you how this squatter in florida is living mortgage free in this water front home. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business...
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today,
5:39 pm
judicial reprimand for the president. tonight on "special report," central appeals court says president bam become's recess appointment to the national labor relations board are unconstitutional. the court ruled the president illegally bypassed thenate to get his people on that panel. another big story, pro-life demonstrators from all over the country gathered at the national mall today. organizers are emphasizing youth a social media in order to perpetuate their message. republicans meeting in charlotte, north carolina, re-elected reince priebus as their chairman. they are demanding changes, though. following last november's jep election. louisiana for bobby jindal says the g.o.p. has to stop being what he called the stupid party. allegations of coverup, and a corruption in a federal agency that sends your tax dollars overseas. friday means the lightning round. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪
5:40 pm
♪ >> welcome back, everybody. how would you like to own this house for free? apparently there is a quirky -- that one. there is a qer i can new law in posh boca baton to allow squatters to apply for ownership after a home they occupy after a certain period of time. crazy? this guy may walk away with $2.5 million crib for nothing. >> bob: your beach house. >> eric: what do the neighbors have to say? >> most of the neighbors around this area are active in the association. they are not happy. nobody is happy. we all spent a lot of money to live on this street. >> it doesn't really bother me. you have to hand it to him. a beautiful place. nobody else is living in there. >> eric: bob, you say you know a thing or two about this law. >> bob: i think it's sort of a cool thing. if you get -- andrea told
5:41 pm
me -- >> andrea: not your house. >> bob: back to english law you think? jo days of farmers. they did it so farmers wouldn't ignore their land. they wanted them to tell the crop so if someone else saw the land and they wanted them to use it because they want them to pay taxes on the land. if it's empty the money doesn't go to the government. >> bob: i didn't know it was in all 50 states, if you went in there after seven years and paid taxes on property and paid lean liens not the mortgag. >> eric: he is not paying the taxes. he is just living there. because he didn't break in. no one saw him actually physically break in, he is just in there living. it's strange law. >> dana: so strange. what a strange person. who thinks this would be a good idea. oh, i this "i" i'll go live in greg's apartment when he moves out? >> bob: who would want to do that? >> dana: i wouldn't do it
5:42 pm
while he was there. weird thing why he feels entitled to live in someone else's house. >> greg: you make me sick. you so housist. if the successful make their riches on the back of the poor, how is that not my house, too? i deserve that house. by the way, bob and i, he can't stop us from going down there this weekend and hot tubbing with andre. >> eric: that is true. freddie why don't we -- >> eric: here is how this thing works. trying to figure out what happened. what happens is when you don't pay your taxes you own a house and you don't pay property taxes, the town will likely put your name and address in the newspaper. so squatters or people look for the houses, and they go and start living in there. if they are in there a certain amount of time the law says you can't throw them out. >> bob: seven years, right? >> eric: you can't throw them out. >> andrea: you are defending a 23-year-old brazilian guy. by the way, squad in a house in brazil. this house is owned by bank of
5:43 pm
america. doesn't it point to the largeer problem. b-o-a have all the houses in foreclosure they can't seem to sell. >> greg: end of private property. occupiers love this stuff. >> bob: i don't know why occupy wall street didn't come up with this. >> greg: they tried. they occupied people's homes that didn't want them in there. happened in brooklyn. they kicked out a family, a family wasn't there, and they tried to get back in. >> there is where they aren't that bright. they had just gone to a vacant house. boston you don't call it bright? >> eric: no. occupy people. whatever. we hav have to go. toking and driving. colorado has a new problem on its hands after legalizing pot? how high is too high? something like that. when you're behind the wheel. our thoughts next on "the five." ♪ ♪ hi, i'm phil mickelson.
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note ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: in november,
5:48 pm
colorado made it legal for anyone over 21 to smoke pot. because of that they have a problem on their hands. how to deal with people driving stoned? let me just throw out a couple of things here. to prove you have thc in your body, the active drug in marijuana, you have to take blood test. which means if they want to pull them in, they can't just drive off the road and take a test. they have to take them downtown. >> eric: get a warrant. if you take blood you have to get a warrant. >> bob: you do? it's complicated problem. cops have to guess that a person is stoned. i dopped find you get over the side -- i find you drive slow. real slow, against the law, too. >> dana: this is irritating it wasn't in the original bill. if they pass a law to say you
5:49 pm
can smoke pot if you're 21, why not in the same legislation pass something that dealt with this problem, too. now it's not, it's sewestial rather than consecutive. puts law enforcement in a bad position. >> andrea: maybe the people who wrote the bill were -- >> eric: can i point something out. we talked about this. when we talk about if this is right or wrong. i point this out, what about driving? this is going to be a problem. done worry about it. this is a problem. i will tell you, a problem for people on the street. problem for anyone who has a teenager. you are under the influence of -- >> andrea: they should treat it like alcohol. >> greg: when we did discuss this, nobody said driving op pot is not a problem. you are misrepresenting the actual debate. if you feel this way get rid
5:50 pm
of the blood alcohol tests as well. the next legal step after legalization is establishing a threshold for impairment. this is what you do. >> dana: why afterwards? why not do it at the same time? >> greg: i don't know. when people started drinking did they establish immediately? >> dana: people have been drinking since beginning of time. >> greg: before they had cars. work with me, dana. >> andrea: ban it like drinking. don't drive drunk. don't drive stoned. >> bob: but you can determine it by breathalyzer. >> andrea: the wish marijuana, i don't think there is a thing as little bit high. you have a drink and be slightly buzzed. with pot it's tougher to tell. >> greg: make it strict. low threshold. >> andrea: no smoking at all. don't smoke and drive. period, end of story. the problem with that is what if you smell like smoke? they will see lawsuits.
5:51 pm
>> eric: dana and are looking for you to help us out. breathalyzer, instead of blood, breathalyzer for marijuana. to distinguish how much thc is in your blood. we lip vest in your company. >> andrea: trying to figure out how many greats -- >> bob: there are prescription drugs that people take a lot of. ambien and stuff that is legitimately prescribed. what do you do about them? >> greg: if you use this argument with guns we would ban guns rather than create laws to regulate illegal use of firearms. >> bob: that's the answer. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ so, we all set?
5:52 pm
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>> greg: you know who asks tough questions? ed henry asks tough questions. up with more thing, i'll go first. dana was on "red eye." this will repeat tomorrow at 11:00. you have to watch this. this is dana discussing her
5:56 pm
house job. >> i can't believe i used to have a real job. [ laughter ] >> remember when you used to answer to the president. now you're watching cat videos and commenting. you used to be one of the most powerful people in the country. what happened? [ laughter ] >> you realize we're on at 3:00 in the morning. >> i pray he is not watching. >> greg: that is on tomorrow night saturday at 11:00 eastern. check it out. it's a great show. you are next. >> dana: i'm next. well, i want to talk about another person on "the five." eric bolling who is the new host of "cashing in" that runs saturday. it debuts tomorrow. congratulations. >> eric: so cool of you to do that. i appreciate that. what we are going to talk about how is we're working hard and paying taxes. the only one cashing in are the lawmakers in d.c. >> bob: catcher rick on this
5:57 pm
network anytime, any show just go to it, he will be on it. >> eric: thank you. >> dana: congratulations. >> andrea: awesome. >> dana: 11:30 a.m. you'll be up. >> eric: who's up? >> greg: eric. >> eric: i'll do it. quickly. just check this out. he lairous last night -- hilarious last night. jimmy kimmel. >> welcome to tonight's episode of jimmy kimmel sucks. tonight, cheryl crow is my band leader. [ applause ] jimmy wait, let me ask you something. have you ever had nicole kidman on your show? >> no. >> that is too bad. ♪ ♪ >> eric: actually, matt damon hosted the whole show. jimmy was tied up in the back. one of the fewiest talk shows. you know who else could do is that? greg gutfeld could do that. >> greg: sheryl crow looks great. >> andrea: he does do late
5:58 pm
night talk. "red eye." >> greg: he was being sarcastic. >> eric: no. being serious. we're lucky to have you. >> greg: oh, jeez. what are you doing later? >> bob: why don't we all go get stoned together and not drive. [ laughter ] okay. >> greg: it's andrea's turn. >> andrea: go ahead. >> bob: no, please. >> no really. go. >> bob: let's not have a -- take the damn thing and put it up. >> andrea: fine. i don't have that much love for you. i'll go first. if you're a waiter at a restaurant a overhear a table saying negative things about a special needs boy that is also in your section. well, michael garcia, a waiter at a restaurant in houston called lorenzo's steakhouse did that. listen to him describe what happened. >> i didn't think much of it until i heard him say special needs children need to be special somewhere else. it was very disturbing. my personal feelings took over.
5:59 pm
and i said i'm sorry, sir, i can't serve you. >> bob: good for him. >> andrea: you go. there a 5-year-old little boy that the jerk customer said should be sitting somewhere else. special people. you know where that guy should be sitting, i'm so glad i wasn't the server. it would have served him and done something bad to their dinner. >> bob: spit in the dinner and throw it at him. >> greg: bob? >> eric: >> bob: second in command of al-qaeda in arabian peninsula was killed. that is al shafri. in guantanamo and released in 2007. custody of saudi arabia. escaped from there to yemen. he is now dead. good riddance. >> eric: we're number one sign we were making. >> greg: that is where he went. disappointed. no virgins for him. >> bob: did you do your


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